Color Us Excited About 3DL

Creating Integrated Design Looks with 3D Laminate We at Stratis never get tired of talking about 3D laminate (3DL) and its superstar qualities. Besides the fact that we are proud to be among the very elite group in the country that has mastered the 3DL process, we are also continually amazed by its creative uses…

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The ABCs of 3DL : Everything You Need to Know About 3D Laminate

3D Laminate (3DL) is a bona fide superstar surface. Its hearty, yet attractive properties make it a winning choice for so many applications and industries. What gives it a leg up on other laminate surfaces is the unique manufacturing process. Stratis Industries, in Centuria, Wisconsin, is one of only a few exclusive companies to have…

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3DL Surfaces in the Medical World

3DL surfaces

3D laminate surfaces are the lifeblood of what we do here at Stratis Industries and they are also an integral part of design planning for medical facilities. There are a few characteristics that set 3DL surfaces apart from materials like solid surface or traditional HPL that might also be considered in a medical setting. Elements…

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Woodgrain Laminate vs. Natural Wood: 3 Reasons Laminate Wins

woodgrain laminate

There’s nothing quite like wood. Except for woodgrain laminate. Today’s woodgrain laminates are bar-none the better choice for numerous applications. We’ll tell you why. Wood finishes are stunning, warm, and aesthetically calming. They ground a person and bring a bit of the natural world into our work and living spaces which is almost always a…

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New Color Option: Stratis Extreme In Taupe

stratis extreme

We are excited to introduce a new, extremely durable, standard 3D Laminate color option for our customers! If you are looking for extreme durability in a vinyl covering, Stratis Taupe is an excellent choice. It is similar to KYDEX, only better, with a tough topcoat for scratch resistance. We will now offer this color as a standard option. We…

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