Stratis Surface Manufacturing T3

The design and material sourcing phases of your project are complete and now the manufacturing process begins.

A feasible design, an accurate drawing, and proper material sourcing are the critical foundations for the manufacturing process. Our experienced operators and supervisors use state-of-the-art machinery and current manufacturing techniques to assure you a high quality product within your desired timeframe. Following first article approval, you’re in business.

CNC Precision Machining (KOMO I & KOMO II)

At Custom Surfaces, we excel at producing custom and production wood, plastic, and phenolic products. Multiple precision CNC machines and tools allow us to respond quickly while providing effective product solutions. Nested based manufacturing and a material handling system result in speed, accuracy, and quality parts and products for our customers.

Thermofoil Membrane Pressing

Membrane Pressing is one of our top custom surface manufacturing capabilities.

Years of experience has made us specialists in the the process of membrane pressing. During the membrane pressing process (also known as vacuum pressing), our thermolaminators use vacuum and/or positive pressure to adhere a variety of thermofoil laminate materials to various substrate materials in order to create 3-dimensional (3D) finished parts. This is done efficiently and with very little waste while assuring optimum quality membrane pressing/vacuum pressing.

Thermofoil Membrane Pressing Cycle:

PVC vinyl sheeting is drawn over the parts.

Parts enter the thermolaminator.

The thermolaminator uses heat, vacuum, and positive membrane pressure to adhere vinyl to the part.

Excess vinyl is trimmed off the finished part.

VIDEO: Watch the process from start to finished product.

Membrane pressed parts and components we have pressed include: casework, over-bed trays, cabinet doors, bedroom furniture, sculpted wall panels, table tops, and more.

Laser Engraving and Laser Cutting

The process can be as simple as taking your artwork and printing it to the laser using our custom printer driver. Two-dimensional laser engraving can be effectively achieved at full speed on our laser systems. The resolution used to laser engrave will determine the quality of the finished artwork. Typically the Kern Laser Engravers use 300 – 600.

Our updated equipment will quickly process mdf, wood, plastics, leather, acrylic, light metal and more.

Contact us today to discuss our Laser Engraving or Cutting Services.

Contour Edgebanding

Our edgebander offers truly amazing edgebanding versatility with simple operation and a minimal shop footprint. With this machine, you can band and trim edges on both very large or very small straight or shaped parts with minimal setup.

"Consistently Tighter Butt Joints Around More Shapes, Smaller Radiuses!" ~ SNX nVision