Decorative Interior 3D MDF Wall Panels


Finally, bold architectural design and affordability really can go hand-in-hand. Our 3D architectural wall panels prove that you do not have to sacrifice your budget for a truly stunning design.  

Our precision machining capabilities, along with our expertise in custom CNC panel design, have made us the go-to choice for OEMs and B2B distributors looking for decorative, contoured surfaces.  
We specialize in designing aesthetically engaging and distinct lobbies, entryways, and common areas. Whether you are working from your own creative design or ours, we can produce sculpted wall panels that bring to life any interior design. 
Our wall panels can either be Raw MDF or primed so you can paint your own, or you can choose from a myriad of Rigid 3D Laminate. Create a sanitary, cleanable, and beautiful panel for use in various applications, from clinics and their exam rooms to the booth in a bar or restaurant.
3d mdf wall panels

3-Dimensional Wall Panel Patterns for your B2B Project

You can choose one of our 3d sculpted patterns, or we can work with your existing drawings. We are happy to work with you to achieve your desired look. If you desire a different color, wood-grain, or textured finish, we can access a wide range of 3D Wall Panel options from our reliable partners.

Please note which direction your pattern will run, if applicable, the length or width of the panel.

Sculpted Decorative Wall Panels Made in the USA

Choose From Our Patterns OR Supply Your Own Design!

Moonscape (011)
Prism (018)
Geometric (019)
Diamond (181)
Sonic "Pulse" - Length (003) Width (004)
Basket Weave - Length (009) Width (008)
Prairie Grasses - Length (005) Width (006)
Shoreline Ripple - Length (171) Width (207)
Coastal Tide (208) One Direction

Materials & Sizes


Standard Size is 4’W x 8’L Sheets, Custom Sizes are Available

Finish Options


Sanded & Primed

100% Seamless RTL (rigid thermolaminate)

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Please remember we are a manufacturer.  If you are looking for a home application or single piece, we likely will not be an economical source for you.  If you have a small custom project, we would be happy to help with that, however there is a $200 minimum order requirement. Set up fees may apply.

A representative will contact you within 2 business days to discuss your needs and provide a relevant custom sample for your project.

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