Residential Care Furniture

You no longer have to sacrifice beauty or quality to meet the rigid standards of the health care industry. Our extensive color selections and design styles, in addition to our unique 3-step casegood construction make Stratis' Residential Care Furniture a clear choice for senior and assisted living facilities.

Beautiful Design Options   ⚫   Resistant to Moisture   ⚫   Seamless Edges Prevent Bacteria Penetration
Vinyl Wrapped Drawers   ⚫   Durable Construction   ⚫   Unique Design   ⚫   Made in the USA

  • 10-nightstand-dd-shaker-silhouette-auburn-600x778.jpg
    1-Door Bedside Table
    30"H x 20"W x 19"D
    Shown in... Auburn Finish
    Shaker Silhouette Style
  • 6-nightstand-3d-raised-norway-600x778.jpg
    3-Drawer Bedside Table
    30"H x 20"W x 19"D
    Shown in... Norway Finish
    Shaker Silhouette Style
  • 16-twardrobe-shaker-cocoapecan-600.jpg
    72"H x 28"W x 25"D
    Shown in... Cocoa Pecan Finish
    Shaker Style
  • 1-dresser-4d-plain-ganache-800.jpg
    4-Drawer Dresser
    38"H x 34"W x 19"D
    Shown in... Ganache Finish
    Simplicity Style
  • headboard-footboard-shaker-silouette-cider-800.jpg
    Headboard & Footboard
    Headboard 20"H x 36"W
    Footboard 15"H x 36"W
    Shown in... Cider Finish
    Shaker Silhouette Style

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Standard Classic Collection


Materials & Construction

- Tops and Door/Drawer Fronts: 100% Seamless RTF—¾” MDF composite panels with seamless rigid thermofoil laminate surface with black or white melamine backer
- Exterior Shell: ¾” M2 particle board panels with pvc edge banding  (Classic Collection also available in 100% Seamless RTF - please contact us for more information)
- Interior Shell: Fully–finished matching

Inspired and Summit Collections



Materials & Construction

- Tops, Door/Drawer Fronts and Exterior Shell: 100% Seamless RTF—¾” MDF composite panels with seamless rigid thermofoil laminate surface with black or white melamine backer
- Interior Shell: Choice of black or white melamine


  • stratis-bedside-table-1-door-top-crop.jpg
    Tops and Door/Drawer Fronts

    - Resistant to stains, moisture, and wear
    - Seamless, hygienic and easy up-keep
    - Recessed for spill-containment
      (bedside tables only)
    - Doors have Hidden European-style hinges
  • stratis-wardrobe-open-crop2.jpg
    Drawer Boxes

    - Vinyl-wrapped & moisture-resistant box
    - Adjustable drawer faces
    - Optional lock available for top drawer
      (bedside tables only)
    Drawer Slides and Hinges
    - Soft-close drawer slides
    - Positive stop prevents tip outs
    - Up to 100 lb. max weight
  • stratis-bedside-table-1-door-open-web.jpg

    - ADA-inspired easy-to-grip Pulls
    - Choice of 3 Styles
    Additional Options
    - Heavy-duty Casters
    - Top Drawer Keyed Lock (bedside tables only)

Style Collections


Hardware Selections



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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Seamless RTF mean?

3D Laminates (also known as “rigid thermofoils” or RTFs) are thermoformed decorative surfaces produced in an array of solid and metallic colors, wood grains (grain long, unless otherwise indicated) and abstract patterns, in a variety of gloss levels and textures. These thermofoils can be formed around contoured edges and corners giving components the appearance of solid wood or various solid surfaces. 3D laminated components provide the flexibility to design tables, wall panels, furniture, fixtures and cabinetry in a variety of shapes that are edge seamless.

How does your furniture meet the standards for hospital or residential care/assisted living facilities and resident rooms?

We have done extensive testing on the construction of our furniture line to meet industry standards. By using 3D laminated finishes in our Inspired and Summit Collections, we eliminate seams where bacteria likes to grow. By keeping the surface completely sealed, you are providing a healthier environment for patients, residents, and staff.

Our Classic Collection uses an extremely durable edgebanding that is sealed with a special adhesive. All backside panels are vented for optimal air flow. Units with drawers are designed to prevent tipping.

How does your furniture compare to real wood?

Real wood can experience fatigue allowing for the growth and potential spread of bacteria within the wood. In our Inspired and Summit Collections, the Seamless RTF thermofoil acts as a protective barrier, all of the edges and corners are sealed; there are no seams where bacteria can penetrate. We use 12 mil rigid thermofoil, which is extremely durable, preventing exposure to the underlying surface. In the Standard Classic Collection, a special adhesive binds the edgebanding together to form a protected surface.

What type of medical cleaners can be used on this furniture?

These cleaners were tested on our 3D Laminates/RTF and did not show any signs of imperfections after 4 hours of exposure: Virex® II 256 cleaner, Lysol® spray disinfectant, Clorox® germicidal wipes, Asepticare TB-II, Accel Intervention wipe, Sani-Cloth Bleach wipe.

technical data     medical cleaners testing data

Why do you offer so many color options?

Because we can! Through our amazing, hand-picked network of 3D Laminate partners, we are able to stock a number of color, texture and wood grain RTF/3D Laminate options (see our color choices here) Don't see an option you like? We have access to a near endless supply of finishes to match your large project. Just ask.

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