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3DL Color Collection

The superior quality and cost-effectiveness of Stratis 3D Laminate (3DL) makes it a benefit to almost any industry in a multitude of ways. Heavier, stronger, super durable, and always attractive, the applications are endless, and with more than 49 finish options, Stratis will have the solutions for your needs and the looks you will love.

Please contact us if you desire a different 3D laminate finish than what is shown here. We have access to wide variety of thermolaminate colors and textures from our reliable partners.

Colors on screen may differ from actual product.
Care and Use: Intended for indoor use only. Do not cut directly on the surface. Do not set hot pans or containers directly on the surface.


Textured is universally pleasing and particularly popular in modern design. It is especially suited for the Healthcare and Hospitality industries. The deep emboss makes it extremely durable and withstands constant cleaning. Textured 3DL works great for these items and surfaces, among others.

• Beds    • Over Bed Table Tops    • Shelves and Cabinets    • Dressers    • Doors/Drawer Fronts   • Cart Tops   • Mobile Carts   • Dining Table Tops


Extremely Durable 


Modern Design


Great for Medical Industry


Stone, like the real thing, is very durable, but without the high cost. The 3DL’s natural stone-look finishes allow designers broad flexibility for furniture and other applications. It shines the most brightly on tabletops. Stone 3DL works great for these items and surfaces, among others.

• Wall Panels    • Dining Table Tops    • Tiles    • Desks    • Conference Tables


Very Durable 


Cost Efficient


Attractive for Table Tops


Authentic has a slight emboss to create the look of real wood – both solid wood grain and reclaimed wood. It provides furniture with a classic or rustic farmhouse effect and works well as a writing surface. It has a solid durability, although not as tough as Textured. Authentic 3DL works great for these items and surfaces, among others.

• Dressers    • Shelves    • Cabinets    • Door/Drawer Fronts    • Wall Panels


Real Wood Look


Classic/Rustic Style


Good Writing Surface


Similar to Authentic, Natural has a smoother, classic surface that makes it suitable for almost any application. As a high- performance writing surface and with traditional color choices, it is a favorite for
Medical and Hospitality furniture. Natural 3DL works great for these items and surfaces, among others.

• Workstations    • Wall Panels    • Beds    • Dressers    • Cabinets


Smooth Finish


Classic Colors


Great for Hospitality Furniture


Almost universal in its applications, Solid is particularly functional and affordable. It has a relatively smooth surface.

Although not recommended for table tops or high-wear areas, it makes for a dependable writing surface. Solid 3DL works great for these items and surfaces, among others.

• Wall Panels    • Shelves    • Mobile Carts    • Cart Tops   • Cabinets


Very Functional




Good Writing Surface

Similar to KYDEX, only better, with a tough topcoat for scratch resistance. We will now offer this color as a standard option.

Learn More about Stratis Extreme in Taupe.

Additional thermolaminate finish options can be seen on our partner websites.

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