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Ergonomic Furniture

Ergonomic Furniture
Stratis Office began manufacturing standing desks and ergonomic office accessories over 20 years ago. Back then, the idea that sitting all day at a computer desk could be hard on your health was relatively new. Today, it’s universally accepted that being able to sit, stand and move at work is directly related to wellness and productivity.

Redefining ergonomics in the workplace
Being at the leading edge of an industry as rapidly evolving as computer ergonomics has enabled us to anticipate changes in office settings, health regulations and more. As a result, we’ve remained nimble in our design and manufacturing approaches, continuing to provide the highest quality and most innovative workspace products available—including adjustable height desks, keyboard tray systems, monitor supports and more—all built on proven ergonomic principles.

Create your ideal ergonomic workstation
Mix and match components from our existing line or have us custom design a project for you. We can handle runs from 50 to 50,000 or more. Just ask.

Stratis Because:

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Durability is a must with all the high-touch, high-traffic areas within office settings. Stratis offers surfaces and solutions that can withstand continued wear, frequent washing with strong cleaning aids, and a resistance to many chemicals found in science labs. Better yet, our 3DL surfaces are actually waterproof, whereas most are only water-resistant.

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Office buildings feature a vast spectrum of spaces. Besides individual offices and workstations, facilities often contain break rooms, coffee nooks, cafeterias, conference rooms, auditoriums, workout areas with locker rooms, training centers, and laboratories. Work with Stratis to make these areas long-lasting, practical, and, especially, appealing to hard-working employees.

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Busy, highly populated environments need carefully planned safety measures. Stratis can provide softer, contoured edges in place of the sharp, traditional methods of surface edging. We also work to be ADA-compliant with adjustable desks and OEM shower seats. Have a unique safety need? Work with Stratis for creative solutions and custom OEM components.

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Office Environment

Research has shown that different colors influence productivity, creativity, and mood at work. Depending on the space, choosing a color to promote a certain feeling can be beneficial – blue is often considered to be an intellectual hue, yellow promotes emotions, and green can be viewed as balance. Displaying company colors, logos, and brand statements can help to form a feeling of community and loyalty. With an endless variety of colors and finishes, Stratis can assist in creating the vibes and atmospheres that best enhance your workspaces.

Employees make your company go. Keep them happy and healthy in spaces deserving of their hard work. Connect with Stratis to discover the unique ways we can help your company environment thrive.

Start a project together

Innovate your space in 3 steps
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Create your vision 

You can go beyond standard. Bring us an idea, sketch, or plan and our designers will work to bring your product to life.


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See what's possible

Within your budget, we help you determine the right materials to meet
your needs. Viewing the design in multiple finishes helps you make the
best decision.

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Raise the bar

We go the extra mile to make your project just how you want it. 3D renderings give you confidence it's right.

Whether you have an exact design in mind or have no idea where to start; don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. Stratis is all-in to assist you on the ideal design that works perfectly for your space. Tell us about your custom project!