Custom Architecture Design and Manufacturing

Turning imagination into innovation for more than 25 years


It takes more than tools and talent to become a leading manufacturer for industries as diverse as ergonomic office productssculpted wall panels and vehicle organizers. It takes imagination too.

We opened our doors as Sunway, Inc. in 1990, manufacturing products for an ergonomic office furniture industry that had barely been born. Since then, we’ve put our imagination to the test time and again, always searching for innovative ways to meet the evolving needs of our customers. In the process, we’ve embraced new technologies, expanded product lines and enhanced services. Even our name has changed. But our commitment to designing and building quality products never will.

At Stratis, “Made in America” truly means something. We’ve spent years investing in our facilities, equipment and personnel in order to bring more of what we do in house—including CNC machining, phenolic fabrication, thermofoil membrane pressing and more. Now, we’re proud to say that our products are manufactured end to end right here in Wisconsin, giving us—and our clients—unprecedented cost oversight and quality control.

That’s important, because it’s not just our reputation on the line. Numerous B2B suppliers and OEM distributors trust our products to carry their private label brands. We honor that trust by backing up our promises with best-in-class support and putting customer needs first in all we do.

That may not be our most innovative idea. But it’s proven to be our best.