Stratis Capabilities

Custom Surface Design and Manufacturing

Our design engineering team’s 70 years of combined experience will assist you in bringing your idea from concept to prototype.

It doesn’t matter to us your level of expertise; we want to work with you. We can handle any or all of your project’s steps from product development to assembly and shipping.

At Stratis, we believe better communication means better results. That’s why we offer a full suite of capabilities-from initial CNC design to final assembly-all under one roof. By doing so, we’re able to streamline processes to control costs, collaborate effectively across all production stages, and turn projects faster. It’s how we ensure a quality product goes from our floor to yours every time.

Ask about our custom manufacturing

We design with many high-grade materials, but we built our reputation on the unique quality of our compressed paper-or phenolic resin-composites. Exceptionally resistant to heat, moisture and impact, these solid-core surfaces can be cut, shaped and sculpted to customize any finished look you desire. Just ask.

What we do

CNC routing and precision machining

Membrane pressing

CAD drawing

Die cutting

Custom laser etching and engraving

Edge banding

Conceptual design

Assembly and fulfillment

JIT scheduling

Base materials

Phenolic (compressed paper composite)

High-density polyethylene (HDP)


Fire-rated MDF

Moisture-resistant MDF


Finishes and surface coverings

Painted, stained or varnished

Thermofoil laminate (solid, woodgrain or patterned)

HPL (high pressure laminate)


Imprinted graphics