Surface Material Options

As with most interior design décor, both style and color are very important. At Stratis, we understand this and we are committed to offering the best available options for surface coverings and finishes. We have carefully chosen a handful of industry experts that provide 3DL, HPL, and TFM surfaces of exceptional quality.  This allows you to choose from a near endless supply of finish options to create the look you desire.

3D Laminates / RTL (Rigid Thermolaminates)

3D Laminates (also known as thermolaminates or rigid thermofoils) are thermoformed decorative surfaces produced in an array of solid and metallic colors, wood grains (grain long, unless otherwise indicated) and abstract patterns, in a variety of gloss levels and textures. These thermolaminates can be formed around contoured edges and corners giving components the appearance of solid wood or various solid surfaces. 3D laminated components provide the flexibility to design wall panels, furniture, fixtures and cabinetry in a variety of shapes that are edge seamless.

Care and Use: Intended for indoor use only. Do not cut directly on the surface. Do not set hot pans or containers directly on the surface.

Additional thermolaminate finish options can be seen on our partner websites.

synergy omnova rernolit ssi dackor kydex

HPL (High Pressure Laminate)

HPL surface is the top surface mainstay of the furniture, fixture and cabinetry industries. It is considered to be one of the most durable decorative surface materials and is available with special performance properties including chemical, fire and wear resistance. Generally, to particleboard resulting in a durable, low cost top surface that is available in all WilsonArt colors, patterns, and wood grains (grain long, unless otherwise indicated).

HPL finish options can be seen on our partner websites.


TFM (Thermally Fused Melamine)

Melamine surfaces are primarily used as a vertical surface option for the furniture, fixture and cabinetry industries. The thin laminate is applied, generally, to particleboard. Available in all WilsonArt colors, patterns and wood grains (grain long, unless otherwise indicated); this finished product is a perfect vertical surface compliment to the selected top surface.

TFM finish options can be seen on our partner websites.