3DL Surfaces in the Medical World

3D laminate surfaces are the lifeblood of what we do here at Stratis Industries and they are also an integral part of design planning for medical facilities. There are a few characteristics that set 3DL surfaces apart from materials like solid surface or traditional HPL that might also be considered in a medical setting. Elements such as cost, flexibility of the product, and its durability with frequent sanitization and traffic are hard hitters in the medical world. This is also why 3DL surfaces are gaining increasing traction as facilities look to expand and refresh their current models. As facilities look to 3DL as the new standard, we’re excited to work side-by-side with them in this endeavor.


With medical facilities flexing their financial muscles under the strain of the pandemic, any physical expansion that’s considered is meticulously weighed and budgeted. 3DL surfaces help to ease that burden with their finance-friendly price tag. Similar to traditional laminate, manufacturers are working with a laminate film covering MDF. But instead of having the extra step of edge banding, 3DL streamlines the process with one seamless piece of laminate covering the entire surface of the MDF. This creates a more rapid production process and thereby cuts costs for the consumer. 

Seamless = Sanitary 

When you lack seams on a high-quality laminate surface, you create something that’s virtually impenetrable to fungus and bacteria. This is an obvious advantage in a medical facility. The seamless design of the 3DL surfaces also minimizes chipping and peeling of the laminate itself since there’s no break in the product to create weak points. Frequent and stringent cleaning and sanitization also present no issue as the surface won’t discolor and the finish will remain unchanged. These facets of a surface are all a must for any medical facility from clinics to hospitals to dental offices to anything in between. The options truly are endless.

3DL Surfaces Flex and Flow in Design

These options are increased when design flexibility is taken into consideration. Because manufacturers are working with laminate, the selections for surface coverings are virtually endless. From modern to traditional to the major current trend of natural stone finishes to anything in between, laminate has a look that will fit the necessary style quota. The seamless veneer only adds to the aesthetic of the product and increases visual appeal.

Diversity, durability, and dependability all characterize 3DL surfaces and are an excellent selection for any medical facility and beyond. As techniques and materials continue to improve and evolve with consumer needs, 3D laminate will only grow in its applications. Keep an eye out to see what new developments arise in this exciting field of surface technology and design which Stratis Industries has proudly been a frontrunner in for over 30 years.