Company Culture: A Case Study

According to, corporate culture is defined as, “….an organization’s values, ethics, vision, behaviors and work environment. It is what makes each company unique, and it impacts everything from public image to employee engagement and retention.” While this concept is not new, it was recognized around 2015 as shifting from an organic, naturally occurring aspect…

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Paying It Forward

The journey to establishing your own business is an unpredictable one. The ride is fraught with doubt and worry, but also exhilaration and rewards. There is research, planning, budgets, appreciated input, and unsolicited advice. However, the challenge is ultimately yours for the taking. Stratis Industries, a family-owned manufacturing business with an amazing 30+ year growth…

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Raise a Glass to 3DL: The Advantages of 3D-Laminate in Today’s Bars

In 2018, USA Today published an article citing the national average of bars per capita in the United States was approximately 184 bars/restaurants per 100,000 residents. Not surprising, we like our drinking holes – they provide us with a sense of community, a place to socialize, and tailored, unique experiences. As we begin to navigate…

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5 Great Reasons to Partner with Stratis

Our custom architectural design and manufacturing can assist with your unique projects, upgrades, and ideas – and, they will look fantastic! Maybe you have an exact idea in mind for your project (even sketched it out), or maybe you have no idea where to start; don’t worry – we’ve got you covered! Stratis is all-in…

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3DL Surfaces in the Medical World

3DL surfaces

3D laminate surfaces are the lifeblood of what we do here at Stratis Industries and they are also an integral part of design planning for medical facilities. There are a few characteristics that set 3DL surfaces apart from materials like solid surface or traditional HPL that might also be considered in a medical setting. Elements…

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Woodgrain Laminate vs. Natural Wood: 3 Reasons Laminate Wins

woodgrain laminate

There’s nothing quite like wood. Except for woodgrain laminate. Today’s woodgrain laminates are bar-none the better choice for numerous applications. We’ll tell you why. Wood finishes are stunning, warm, and aesthetically calming. They ground a person and bring a bit of the natural world into our work and living spaces which is almost always a…

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New Color Option: Stratis Extreme In Taupe

stratis extreme

We are excited to introduce a new, extremely durable, standard 3D Laminate color option for our customers! If you are looking for extreme durability in a vinyl covering, Stratis Taupe is an excellent choice. It is similar to KYDEX, only better, with a tough topcoat for scratch resistance. We will now offer this color as a standard option. We…

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