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Standard 3D Laminate Options

3D Laminates (also known as thermolaminates or rigid thermofoils) are thermoformed decorative surfaces produced in an array of solid and metallic colors, wood grains (grain long, unless otherwise indicated) and abstract patterns, in a variety of gloss levels and textures. These thermolaminates can be formed around contoured edges and corners giving components the appearance of solid wood or various solid surfaces. 3D laminated components provide the flexibility to design wall panels, furniture, fixtures and cabinetry in a variety of shapes that are edge seamless.

Shown below are the standard thermolaminate colors that we have in stock.

Please contact us if you desire a different 3D laminate finish than what is shown here. We have access to wide variety of thermolaminate colors and textures from our reliable partners.

 Colors on screen may differ from actual product.

Classic Collection

  • Auburn - Classic Collection
    Auburn (AUB)
  • Cider - Classic Collection
    Cider (CDR)
  • Cocoa Pecan - Classic Collection
    Cocoa Pecan (CCP)
  • Ganache - Classic Collection
    Ganache (GAN)
  • Norway - Classic Collection
    Norway (NWY)
  • Orange Wood - Classic Collection
    Orange Wood (ORW)
  • Stratis Walnut - Classic Collection
    Stratis Walnut (WNT)

Inspired Collection

  • Aged Porcelain - Inspired Collection
    Aged Porcelain (AGP)
  • Brown Sugar - Inspired Collection
    Brown Sugar (BWS)
  • Cinnamon Stick - Inspired Collection
    Cinnamon Stick (CNS)
  • Colonial - Inspired Collection
    Colonial (COL)
  • Denmark - Inspired Collection
    Denmark (DNK)
  • Folkstone Grey - Inspired Collection
    Folkstone Grey (FGY)
  • Icicle - Inspired Collection
    Icicle (ICE)
  • Java - Inspired Collection
    Java (JAV)
  • Nutmeg - Inspired Collection
    Nutmeg (NMG)
  • Sable - Inspired Collection
    Sable (SAB)
  • Sequoia - Inspired Collection
    Sequoia (SEQ)
  • Slate Hearth - Inspired Collection
    Slate Hearth (SLH)
  • Tawny - Inspired Collection
    Tawny (TWY)
  • Warm Honey - Inspired Collection
    Warm Honey (WMH)

Summit Collection (textured finish)

  • Bearwood - Summit Collection
    Bearwood (BWD)
  • Porch Swing - Summit Collection
    Porch Swing (PRS)
  • Shiplap - Summit Collection
    Shiplap (SHP)
  • Silver Birch - Summit Collection
    Silver Birch (SVB)
  • Sterling - Summit Collection
    Sterling (STG)

NEW COLOR: Stratis Extreme in Taupe

  • stratis-taupe-275.jpg

 Similar to KYDEX, only better, with a tough topcoat for scratch resistance. We will now offer this color as a standard option.

Learn More about Stratis Extreme in Taupe.

 Care and Use: Intended for indoor use only. Do not cut directly on the surface. Do not set hot pans or containers directly on the surface.

Technical Data     Medical Cleaners Testing Data

 Additional thermolaminate finish options can be seen on our partner websites.

  • synergy.png
  • omnova.png
  • rernolit.png
  • ssi.png
  • dackor.png
  • kydex.png


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