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Hexagon Pattern 3d Wall Panels

3 Dimensional Hexagonal Wall Panels

Check out our new 3 tiered hexagonal pattern wall panel. It is one of the hottest trends in 3D backgrounds. It not only looks great with traditional wood grain vinyl coverings, it is stunning in solid colors and metallic vinyls.

The panels below were designed to be aligned so the pattern is not disrupted.

Where to get it...

Manufactured from start to finish in our facility, these 3D patterns are machined and can be primed, painted or covered in 3D laminate. With the near endless choices of thermofoil coverings, it is easy to create the look you want.

Maybe you desire a different pattern... no problem!  You can choose from our standard 3Dwall panel patterns, or send us your drawings.

Hexagon Pattern 3d Wall Panels3
Hexagon Pattern 3d Wall Panels 4
Hexagon Pattern 3d Wall Panels

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