Edge Styles and Profiles

Choose from vinyl, urethane, plastic and rubber edge styles along with a wide variety of edge profiles.

contoured-seemless-3d-edge-profile.jpgSeamless Edge

Seamless edges are a preferred edge style where aesthetics and/or bacterial build up are primary concerns, such as is the case in the hospitality and healthcare industries. They have a graceful non institutional look and are usually produced by thermal membrane pressing vinyls onto contoured MDF.


Profile Options

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edge-banding.jpgEdge Banding for Desks, Tables, Cabinets

Edge banding is used to cover and protect the exposed sides of top surface materials such as plywood, particle board or MDF, giving the appearance of a solid material.

t-edging-black-desk.jpgT-Edge Molding for Desks & Tables

Plastic and rubber T-edge is offered in a variety of thicknesses, widths and colors. This low cost edge is durable enough to stand up against the toughest industrial use, and reduce peeling and chipping to particleboard and MDF top surfaces.

molded-urethane-edge-table-black.jpgMolded Urethane Edge

The Molded Edge features a proprietary pressed urethane edge. The edge is offered in numerous profiles and colors to match the application and can be custom designed for special projects. The molded edge is manufactured by injecting liquid urethane into a mold surrounding a shaped laminate table top or work surface. The urethane flows around the table and shrinks a little as it cools resulting in a tightly sealed, durable edge with no seam between the edge and the laminate top. Contact us for more information on molded edge options.

Profile Options



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