Custom Components

  • Improve your office, hospital, retail store, and other work surfaces with our custom-made tabletops.
  • A variety of distinctive designs and color combinations offer the opportunity to have an intense impact on the clients.
  • Our attempt to deliver style without compromising quality is unmatchable.
  • Our high-end products are compelling to give a refreshed look to your proximity and attain a thriving make-over.
  • The versatile yet durable surfacing material can easily accommodate the intricate design elements.

Our realm to deliver customer components comprises but is not limited to the following industries.


  • The appearance of a hotel or resort must be stimulating. You can gain one with our common-area table tops, dining table tops, bed ends, over-bed table tops, and our custom-made tabletops.
  • Our huge design catalogs and chromatic themes are excellent for a fascinating look and delight the guests from deep inside.
  • With the foremost emphasis on attractiveness combined with top-class stuff, we strive to create exceptional tabletop designs and bestow an unparalleled experience to the customer.


  • A modernized retail space is essential to lead the competitive race. Remodel your retail store with our custom-store fixtures, custom retail product displays, and retail sign holders.
  • The long-lasting and innovative tabletops are powerful to renovate your store with cheer and simplicity.
  • Our world-class table tops promise to present the shoppers with stunning furniture and objects and create a separate brand identity for you.

Health Care

  • A beautiful healthcare surrounding has become a leading trend and can be attained with our cart tops, casework, OEM phlebotomy armrests, and custom tabletops.
  • The leading-edge designs and appealing shades are cogent for developing a family-oriented environment and coping with all patient types.
  • The easily cleanable designing materials fit to perform timely sanitation and maintain proper hygiene in the vicinity.


  • The architectural quality of your office furniture matters. Enhance your office interior with our high-quality tabletops.
  • We specialize in designing custom conference tables, keyboard trays and systems, workstation desks, CPU holders, footrests, flat-panel monitor arms, and much more needed to design a commercial office.
  • Our qualitative, reliable, unique, and swift solutions make us an unbeatable choice to add perfection to your office expanse.