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Sunway Incorporated is now Stratis Industries

Welcome to our new website!

As you may have noticed, Sunway Inc. is now Stratis Industries. We have changed our name and our website to better reflect and combine our diverse range of product offerings and manufacturing capabilities.

Our divisions have been simplified to:

  • Stratis Office—ergonomically designed commercial and home office furniture and accessories

  • Stratis Surface—wall panels, custom surfaces and cutting boards

  • Stratis Auto—vehicle office desks and MobileStrong truck and SUV storage solutions

Be sure to browse all 3 of our divisions to see if there are other ways we can help to Innovate Your Space.

If you are looking for recent order information or need assistance in locating a specific item, please feel free to contact us via our contact form or by phone 800.969.9708.

We hope you’ll appreciate our name change for what it truly is: a clear statement of our ongoing commitment to innovative product development, cutting-edge manufacturing techniques, and quality service.


Ready to innovate your space? Tell us about your custom project.

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