Nursing Home Furniture: Function, Comfort, and Aesthetics

When it comes to designing and building nursing home furniture, there are a variety of special factors to consider. Nursing homes are for those who need specialized care and therefore the furniture outfitting the building needs to be on par with meeting specialized needs. Manufacturers need to consider the functionality, comfort, and overall aesthetics of the furniture they’re designing. At Stratis Industries, we proudly and carefully build these pieces to serve the medical community with excellence.

Nursing Home Furniture: Function

In a nursing home setting, tables and desks need to be ADA compliant so that wheelchairs can easily fit underneath them. Beds and room furniture must be durable and accessible for both staff and patients. All of this nursing home furniture also calls for simple to clean surfaces that can withstand frequent sanitization without signs of wear. There are also considerations to be made for medical equipment and cords in each piece of furniture design. With all of these moving parts in furniture needs, there must be precise coordination of design and manufacturing.


While functionality is critical to nursing home furniture, comfort is also a necessity. Whether serving the elderly or someone recovering from a severe injury or illness, the patients and staff at nursing homes require restorative rest. In order to achieve that, comfort is incredibly important as a consideration when implementing furniture in these settings. 


A beautiful aesthetic atmosphere can change the mood of a room, building, and a nursing home community. Taking advantage of furniture design to help improve aesthetics is a simple task with furniture built by Stratis. Our 3DL comes in a wide variety of modern, traditional, and soothing patterns and colors to fit any necessary aesthetic.

Nursing Home Furniture Built to Serve

When it’s time to refresh furniture, Stratis Industries offers top-of-the-line products to function with excellence, provide soothing comfort, and set an atmosphere of healing for any facility.