Custom 3D Sculpted Wall Panels

Believe it or not, bold architectural design and affordability can go hand in hand. Our 3D architectural wall panels are the eye-popping proof. Our precision machining capabilities—along with expertise in custom CNC panel design—have made us the go-to choice for OEMs and B2B distributors in need of decorative, contoured surfaces. Whether working from your design or ours, we can create sculpted wall panels that help make any interior space—especially lobbies, entryways and common areas— aesthetically engaging and utterly unique.

Examples of Patterns & Coverings

Please call for availability on specific 3d sculpted patterns or we can work with your existing drawings.

  • diamond-pattern-wall-panel.jpg
    Diamond Pattern 3D Wall Panel (High Gloss Black)
  • unfinished-coastal-tide-wall-panel-300x271.jpg
    Coastal Tide Pattern 3D Wall Panel (Unfinished)
  • vintage-oak-sculptured-wall-panel-300x271.jpg
    Vintage Oak Bark Pattern Wall Panel (Wood Grain)
  • moonscape-wall-panel.jpg
    Moonscape Pattern Wall Panel (Dark Wood Grain)
  • shoreline-ripple-sculpted-wall-panel-300x271.jpg
    Shoreline Ripple Pattern 3D Sculpted Wall Panel
  • sonic-pulse-3d-wall-panel-high-gloss-aqua-300.jpg
    Sonic "Pulse" Pattern Wall Panel (High Gloss Aqua)
  • elm-wood-grain-wavy-wall-panel.jpg
    Sonic "Pulse" Pattern Wall Panel (Elm Wood Grain)
  • flower-wall-panel.jpg
    Mosaic Tile Pattern Wall Panel (Unfinished)
  • basket-weave-wall-panel.jpg
    Basket Weave Pattern 3D Wall Panel (Wood Grain)
  • honeycomb-3d-sculpted-wall-panel-300x271.jpg
    Honeycomb Pattern 3D Wall Panel (Salt & Pepper)
  • maple-wood-grain-wavy-wall-panel.jpg
    Prairie Grasses Pattern Wall Panel (Light Maple)
  • white-sculpted-wall-panel.jpg
    Custom 3D Sculpted Wall Panel (Warm White)

Examples of Additional Covering Options

For color reference only; these sculpted patterns may not be available at this time.

  • tenino-walnut-panel.jpg
    Tenino Walnut 3D Laminate
  • memento-wall-panel.jpg
    Silver Birch 3D Laminate
  • nina-maple-wall-panel.jpg
    Cinnamon Stick 3D Laminate
  • zanno-wedge-wall-panel.jpg
    Zanno Wedge 3D Laminate
  • driftwood-wall-panel.jpg
    Driftwood 3D Laminate
  • riva-wall-panel.jpg
    Riva 3D Laminate
  • tenino-oak-panel.jpg
    Tenino Oak 3D Laminate
  • rosewood-wall-panel.jpg
    Rosewood 3D Laminate

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